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Innovative chilling

For even better results

As we want to offer our customers simple, long-lasting solutions with the lowest possible environmental impact, we are constantly researching the latest innovations. Working closely with pioneering companies in the conservation and energy efficiency sectors, we are playing our part in rolling out these new technologies.

Their benefits:


Fewer fossil, energy and human resources required to operate.


Less management and maintenance thanks to better control.


Possible combination of existing systems and fluids currently in use.

Our solutions

Innovative chilling


Long-term coldroom storage

HD Cold revolutionizes conservation of plant-based produce (fruit, vegetables, plants, etc.) in coldrooms.

By maintaining a stable temperature and almost 100% humidity without a water supply and without defrosting, HD Cold guarantees some of the most optimal and economic conservation conditions in the market.

  • Freshness and organoleptic properties maintained over several months
  • Reduction in chemicals and food waste
  • Fewer logistics and technical constraints (fewer goods coming in/going out, less transport, fewer treatments, no water required, etc.)
  • Comprehensive monitoring and control system
  • Energy performance (control algorithm and specific evaporator)


  • 98% relative humidity rate
  • Up to 40% energy savings
  • Evaporator 6x more efficient than standard system

Over 350 fruit packing houses fitted with the system over the last three years.

Innovative chilling

HTF Compact

HTF Compact


Our solution is an alternative to water and is the most common cooling medium used.

Made of water, glycol and nanoparticles, HTF Compact prevents corrosion, freezing, calcification and bacteria proliferation, which are all associated with water. But more importantly, it is effective. It offers better heat transfer and faster thermal load transfer between fluids.


  • Better heat transfer
  • Better direct efficiency of your refrigeration unit
  • 30% energy savings
  • Less maintenance
  • Recycling at no extra cost (same as a regular liquid)

Innovative chilling


High energy performance chiller

Groundbreaking technology providing energy savings of up to 50% and constant power throughout its lifetime.

In addition to the economic savings, increased reliability and easy maintenance it offers, there are fewer safety hazards associated with this chiller (non-toxic fluid, reduced flammability, low pressure). And its noise level is more than 7Dba lower!


  • Energy savings of up to 50%
  • Maintenance costs reduced by up 20%

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