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Our commitments

Refrigerating without heating the planet

So growers can preserve their harvests;
so manufacturers can carry out their production processes;
so logistics and transport service providers can maintain the cold chain;
so our buildings can be pleasant to live and work in;

Refrigeration is vital.

It is crucial for a large number of sectors, all the more so due to global heating and more stringent hygiene regulations.

Because of these growing needs, and because refrigeration uses many resources (electricity, hydrocarbons, fluids), we must balance performance with environmental sustainability. We are aware of our responsibility and are committed to making industrial refrigeration an ally of the energy and environmental transition.

Our commitments

Reducing food waste

We implement systems that extend shelf life and enable growers and industry players to reduce their waste.
By controlling preservation, they can be highly flexible as and when market demand fluctuates.

Our commitments

Installing environmentally ethical refrigeration systems

We offer our customers solutions with the lowest possible footprint. We favor eco-designed solutions using natural refrigerants or low-carbon fluids, which reduce the need for chemicals and offer high energy efficiency.

Our commitments

Supporting companies as they adopt the energy transition

All our equipment is designed and constantly updated to achieve the best possible energy performance. We are RGE (French environmental label) certified and, as such, offer our customers the opportunity to carry out energy renovation or improvement work more easily.

Our commitments

Being useful and accessible to everyone

We provide solutions for small growers and large industry players alike, adapting our systems to their volume and their budget (compact or mobile systems, for hire or for sale). We also strive to provide all our customers with everything they need to get the best out of their solution, through training in cold mechanics and conservation methods, for example.

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