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Meat products

Cultivating a taste

for quality

As they are particularly susceptible to thermal shock and bacteria, meat products require a special chilling process called dry penetration and very specific storage conditions to preserve all their qualities (freshness, weight, flavor, tenderness). Abattoirs are subject to very strict regulations and, in this respect, rely on temperature control, which is a safety issue and a mark of confidence for their customers.

Optimize conservation and peace of mind!

With optimal management of temperature and humidity conditions according to your products (beef, lamb/mutton, pork, horsemeat, poultry, etc.) and your needs
(maturation, storage, large volumes), our equipment guarantees optimum results.

Preserved quality

  • Dry penetration monitored using deep probing methods
  • Marginal weight loss

Higher returns

  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Optimum energy performance
  • Heat recovery

Our solutions

for your meat products

HD Cold

Long-term storage
Compatible with storage and dry penetration chambers
Humidity control

Direct expansion unit

Positive coldroom
R1234ze fluid
Stainless steel network

Glycol water chiller

Positive coldroom
R1234ze fluid
Air condenser

98% RH subcritical CO2 plant

Negative coldroom, blast chillers, R455A independent units

A highly energy-efficient

They benefit from our solutions

Abattoirs and retailers alike have found a solution adapted to their production volumes.

“Previously, we could only store the fruit optimally for 48 hours maximum. The results speak for themselves: less ageing, a much more natural appearance. With HD Cold, after two to three days the strawberries still have their natural freshness from the day of picking.”

Bruno Rouquette \

Director of Rouquette France Food

Get the most out of your equipment

with our bespoke services

Remote management

Monitor and control the performance of your entire site from wherever you happen to be! And in the event of an emergency, you will be alerted in real time.

24/7 maintenance

Rely on a local team of technicians to carry out your maintenance operations.


We provide training to help you get to grips with your equipment and coldrooms.

Do you need help
to finance
your project?

As a supplier with the French environmental label RGE, we can help you apply for funding through the Energy Savings Certificates program.

How can I benefit from the Energy Savings Certificate bonus?

At Quercy Réfrigération, we can help with the application process.

As a supplier with the French environmental label RGE, we are certified to carry out this renovation work. What's more, we provide administrative and technical support every step of the way:

Identification of possible optimizations and work

Depending on how your plant and business is organized, we determine the best solutions to reduce your energy consumption and estimate the amount of savings you could make. We also provide a comprehensive quote for the work.

Preparing a premium application

Before starting the work, an application for the ESC bonus must be completed. This file includes estimates for the work to be carried out, the technical specifications of the equipment to be installed, and all the documents required by the energy supplier concerned. It's important to make sure you comply with the formalities and deadlines imposed. We will complete the application and send it to the energy provider for you.

Construction management

We carry out and monitor the work in accordance with the energy performance requirements.

Closing the file

Once the work has been completed, we take care of sending the energy supplier the final supporting documents, so that he can proceed with payment of the bonus. This can take the form of refunds, vouchers or reductions on energy bills. To finalize the process, the energy provider may visit your site to check that the energy-saving equipment has actually been fitted.

Curious to find out more? Contact us to get the ball rolling.