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Due to an unprecedented rise in energy prices since 2021, it has become a priority for many companies and industries to reduce their electricity bills. This is particularly true for the agri-food industry, which is France’s third largest energy consumer* with cold production requiring almost half of all the electricity it uses**. To achieve energy efficiency, the fine balance between productivity and energy consumed, a company is often obliged to rethink its refrigeration system.
Here are a few key tips to maximize your system’s performance:

A selection of energy-saving equipment

For a cold system to consume less energy, it must above all else be fitted with efficient components that are powerful enough, but not overly powerful, for the plant’s size and activity. Quercy Réfrigération has selected a range of high-quality, long-lasting and efficient equipment from the best suppliers in the market:

  • Condensors, compressers, and evaporators that are extremely energy-efficient. Our revolutionary HD Cold evaporator enables you to save up to 40% on your energy bills.
  • Next-generation chillers, like our high-performance Q-REF chiller that uses up to 50% less energy.
  • Low-carbon fluids with higher coefficients of performance (COP), which provide a better chilling capacity and use less energy.

A plant that complies with the latest energy regulations

Even with all the best equipment, a refrigeration unit may be less efficient if it is housed in an aging plant. Heat loss, lack of energy management tools, heating systems that use a lot of energy – these are just some of the common enemies of a building’s energy performance. To counter their impact, we assess the facilities and then carry out thermal insulation work and install smart meters. Furthermore, our heat recovery system enables our customers to reuse the heat produced by the equipment to heat the premises in winter.
The result being 30% extra energy savings! These valuable savings also enable you to benefit from Energy Savings Certificates funding.

Smart and autonomous systems

Another way to optimize your energy performance is to adapt the refrigeration system to your volume of activity. To do this, we start by adjusting equipment settings: speed, temperature, humidity, pressure, etc. Then, we control and automate how they work using our own programs and algorithms. The aim is to reconcile energy consumption and actual needs by only activating necessary functions at the right time. Smart defrosting is a perfect example. By avoiding unnecessary defrosting operations, you reduce heat loss and the system’s efficiency is optimized over time.

Continuous performance tracking and maintenance

To ensure that your equipment continues to be efficient throughout its lifetime, regular maintenance operations carried out by qualified technicians must be scheduled regularly. By anticipating the slightest malfunction and remaining attentive to any changes in performance, you can detect and quickly correct any ensuing rise in electricity consumption. The tracking tools we have included in our systems enables you to analyze data from your equipment simply and to receive an alert in the event of an emergency.

Training in correct use

Energy performance also depends on your team’s correct use and good practices. Firstly, of course, to prevent oversight: doors left open, lights left on, ventilation grids obstructed, etc. But especially, teaching on-site operators how to use the machines to their full potential so they are able to adjust settings as necessary (temperature management, shutdown periods, defrosting, load optimization, etc.).

In short, optimizing the energy performance of your refrigeration systems does not come down to simply replacing your equipment. Instead, you need a customized installation composed of a set of tools adapted to your business.

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*GreenFlex, 2019 survey

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